Susceptibility to β-lactams of bacteria used in this study

StrainMIC (μg/ml)aSource or reference
ATCC 19417≤0.03≤2≤0.25≤0.03≤1Collectionc
BB 1018>16>256≤0.250.06>16This work
BB 1019>16>256≤0.250.06>16This work
BB 1020>16>256≤0.25≤0.03>16This work
BB 1021>16>256≤0.250.06>16This work
BB 1022>16>256≤0.250.06>16This work
BB 1023>16>256≤0.250.12>16This work
BB 1024>16>256≤0.250.06>16This work
BB 1025>16>256≤0.250.06>16This work
BB 1026b0.12≤2≤0.25≤0.03≤1This work
E. coli >164>40.068Novagen
E. coli(pB1000)>16>256>40.06128This work
  • a AMX, amoxicillin; CEC, cefaclor; CTX, cefotaxime; OXA, oxacillin; PEN, penicillin.

  • b β-Lactam-susceptible H. parasuis clinical isolate.

  • c Collection of the Pasteur Institute.