Country of origin, serovar, antibiogram, NG-MAST, porB allele, and the polymorphisms in penA, mtrR, porB1b, and ponA alleles of N. gonorrhoeae isolates with reduced susceptibility to cefixime and ceftriaxone

Isolate (no./yr)OriginSerovarporB alleleNG-MASTMICa (μg/ml)Polymorphisms in:
Mosaic alleleInsertion (GAC)
119/04SwedenIB-23ST50.0320.0642.0NoD345aDeletion of AK101, D102P421
158/04SwedenIB-34ST1724b0.0470.0941.5NoD345aDeletion of AK101, D102WT
188/03United KingdomIB-165ST16190.0640.0641.0NoD345aWTc,dK101, D102P421
201/03United KingdomIB-165ST16190.0640.0641.0NoD345aWTdK101, D102P421
253/04SwedenIB-46ST1723b0.0640.0641.5NoD345aWTdD101, WTP421
273/04SwedenIB-46ST1723b0.0640.0941.5NoD345aWTdD101, WTP421
196/03United KingdomIB-165ST16190.0940.0941.0NoD345aWTdK101, D102P421
66/02SwedenIB-17ST3260.190.0942.0YesDeletion of AdK101, D102P421
30/02SwedenIB-17ST3260.250.0943.0YesDeletion of AdK101, D102P421
64/02SwedenIB-17ST3260.250.0942.0YesDeletion of AdK101, D102P421
65/02SwedenIB-17ST3260.250.0941.5YesDeletion of AdK101, D102P421
67/02SwedenIB-17ST3260.250.0942.0YesDeletion of AdK101, D102P421
59/03United StatesIB-18ST9250.250.0946.0YesDeletion of AK101, D102P421
66/03United StatesIB-18ST9250.250.1254.0YesDeletion of AK101, D102P421
35/02SwedenIB-17ST3260.380.0942.0YesDeletion of AdK101, D102P421
82/03United StatesIB-18ST9250.380.1256.0YesDeletion of AK101, D102P421
90/03United StatesIB-18ST9250.380.1256.0YesDeletion of AK101, D102P421
91/03United StatesIB-18ST9250.380.1256.0YesDeletion of AK101, D102P421
119/05hSwedenIB-231ST1722b<0.016<0.0020.012WTWTWT, WTWT
128/05hSwedenIB-12ST1580<0.016<0.0020.008WTWTWT, WTWT
  • a CFM, cefixime; CRO, ceftriaxone; PEN, penicillin G.

  • b STs not previously identified.

  • c WT, wild type.

  • d Contained the G45→D amino acid replacement in the DNA-binding motif of MtrR, which also may increase the expression of the MtrCDE efflux pump (34), mainly in strains lacking the dominant deletion of A in the promoter.

  • e The features of the 13-bp repeat in the promoter are indicated.

  • f Wild type: G101, A102.

  • g Wild type: L421.

  • h Isolates susceptible to cefixime and ceftriaxone.