CAZ, CIP, and TOB PK/PD parameters obtained in a mouse model of lung infection by P. aeruginosa strains PAO1 and PAOΔmutS

AntibioticaDose (mg/kg)Dosing interval (h)fCmax (mg/liter)ft1/2 (h)bfAUC0-24 (mg h/liter)MICc (μg/ml)fAUC0-24/MIC ratiofCmax/MIC ratiof %t > MICd
  • a PK/PD parameters for CIP and TOB are those determined previously by our group under the same experimental conditions (23).

  • b ft1/2, half-life of the free, unbound fraction.

  • c CIP, TOB, and CAZ MICs as determined by an Etest were identical for the PAO1 and PAOΔmutS strains, and therefore, the same PK/PD parameter values (fAUC0-24/MIC ratio, fCmax/MIC ratio, and f %t > MIC) were obtained for both strains.

  • d ND, not determined.