Changes in amino acid sequences of LMV-resistant rt during treatment

Change and case no.GenotypeInitial change(s)Subsequent change(s)aElapsed time (mo)bHBV DNA changec
Gain of L80I or L80V
    52BM204I+L80V+L180M; M204I→V2240
Loss of L80I
    333DL80I/M204V−L80I; M204V→I40.05
Change L80V→L80I
Gain of L180M
    57BM204I+L180M; M204I→V144.8
    172AM204I+L180M; M204I→V7NA
    187AM204I+L180M; M204I→V581.2
    214AM204I+L180M; M204I→V73.6
    332CL80I/M204I+L180M; M204I→V390.7
Change M204V→M204I
  • a Changes listed in the “initial change(s)” column were maintained unless indicated otherwise in the “subsequent change(s)” column.

  • b Elapsed time between sampling for isolates in which changes were detected.

  • c Fold change in viral load (as serum HBV DNA load) associated with rt change; NC, no change (low, stable viremia); NA, not available. Note that L80I/V appears after the acquisition of primary LMV resistance.