Amino acid identities and similarities between 14-TMS MFS efflux proteins

Efflux protein (species)a% Amino acid identity or similarityb
QepA (E. coli)56.351.350.148.344.9
Bpro (Polaromonas sp.)70.354.052.760.343.1
Neut (N. eutropha)65.467.244.247.539.5
Nfa (N. farcinica)
Lic (L. interrogans)65.675.665.968.343.5
SgcB (S. globisporus)60.960.557.659.159.8
  • a The MFS efflux proteins were QepA from E. coli 1450 (this study and GenBank accession number EF150886 ), Bpro from Polaromonas sp. JS666 (GenPept accession number YP_548216 ), Neut from N. eutropha C91 (GenPept accession number YP_747938 ), Nfa from N. farcinica IFM 10152 (GenPept accession number YP_118761 ), Lic from L. interrogans L1-130 (GenPept accession number YP_000642 ), SgcB from S. globisporus C-1027 (GenPept accession number AAL06672 ).

  • b Percent amino acid identity values are presented in the upper half (above the diagonal space), and percent similarity values are given in the lower half (below the diagonal space).