Chitosan malate inhibits TSS in Wiffle ball models of staphylococcal (S. aureus strain MN8) and streptococcal TSS [streptococcal strain T253cured(T12)] and necrotizing fasciitis (streptococcal strain MNBi) in a rabbit subcutaneous injection model

ModelPresence (+) or absence (−) of chitosan malateBacteriumNo. of rabbits alive/total no. testedPa
Wiffle ball- S. aureus 2/10
+ S. aureus 12/13<0.001
- Streptococcus sp.3/10
+ Streptococcus sp.10/10<0.005
Necrotizing- Streptococcus sp.0/5
    fasciitis+ Streptococcus sp.5/5<0.01
  • a Compared to animals not treated with chitosan malate.