ED99 of AM 7359 and linezolid in mouse efficacy models

Model (organism)ED99 (mg/kg) (95% CI) of:
AM 7359Linezolid
Kidney (MSSA)a4.9 (3.1-7.6)6.3 (4.2-9.5)7.0 (5.3-9.2)12 (7.8-18.5)
Thigh (MRSA)b4.2 (2.8-6.1)5.6 (2.3-∞)5.2 (4.2-6.6)6.9 (4.5-∞)
Thigh (LMRSA)10.2 (4.3-24)NTa85 (50.2-∞)NT
  • a Values are based on mice receiving a single dose 15 min postchallenge; therefore, ED99 values are equal to the total mg/kg/day given each mouse.

  • b Orally dosed mice received a total of eight doses in 5 days and i.v. dosed mice a total of four doses in 24 h; therefore, the ED99 values represent the value of each individual dose given in each model.

  • c NT, not tested.