Mutation types found in ZIKV populations treated with different drugs

DrugaNo. of mutations in each populationNo. of nucleotides sequenced in each populationNo. of mutations by typebTransition frequency (10 × −4)c
A to GU to CG to AC to UTvA to GU to CG to AC to U
No drug529,818201022.7<1.51.2<1.4
  • a ZIKV populations were serially passaged five times in the absence of drug (no drug) or in the presence of either decitabine (DEC), favipiravir (FAV), ribavirin (RBV), or 5-fluorouracil (FU) at a concentration of 200 μM.

  • b Different type of mutations found in the analysis. Given are the number of times that each transition type is found in the analysis. Tv indicates the number of transversions found in the analysis.

  • c Transition frequencies found in populations treated with mutagenic drugs. These numbers have been normalized to the nucleotide composition in the sequenced amplicon. Highlighted in bold is the most frequent transition in each sample.