Population PK parameter estimates of the different β-lactam antibiotics from the one-compartment model

Drug (n)aVbCLc
Mean (liters)CV (%)Variance (liters)Median (liters)Mean (liters/h)CV (%)Variance (liters/h)Median (liters/h)
FEP (11)47.815.756.550.018.8106401.210.1
CAZ (11)63.444.4790.947.113.168.981.110.0
PIP (89)56.330.4293.249.626.852.4197.125.9
MEM (145)77.241.41,020.376.015.056.772.213.5
  • a FEP, cefepime; CAZ, ceftazidime; PIP, piperacillin; MEM, meropenem; n, number of TDMs.

  • b V, volume of distribution in the central compartment; CV, coefficient of variation.

  • c CL, total body clearance.