Demographic, biological and clinical characteristics of all patients

Patient characteristicaValue for the group (n = 215)b
    Age (yr)57 (42–65)
    No. of males (%)152 (71)
    No. of female (%)63 (29)
    Body wt (kg)73 (62–84)
    No. of medical admissions (%)148 (69)
Comorbidities (no. of patients [%])
    Heart disease48 (22)
    COPD/asthma47 (22)
    Diabetes45 (21)
    Immunosuppression32 (15)
    Cancer31 (14)
    Liver cirrhosis17 (8)
Biological data
    Serum creatinine (mg/dl)0.6 (0.2–1.0)
    mCLCR (ml/min)179 (148–233)
Clinical data
    APACHE II score on ICU admission19 (14–24)
    SOFA score on day of TDM6 (1–11)
    ICU LOS (days)12 (7–23)
    ICU 30-day mortality (no. of patients [%])35 (16)
  • a COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; mCLCR, measured creatinine clearance; APACHE, acute physiology and chronic health evaluation; SOFA, sequential organ failure assessment; ICU, intensive care unit; LOS, length of stay.

  • b Values are medians (IQR) unless otherwise noted.