Baseline polymorphisms and treatment-emergent substitutions in four GT1- and GT2-infected patients experiencing virologic failure

HCV GT and patient no.aDuration (wks)Cirrhosis (Y/N)bOutcomecVariant(s) by time point (prevalence [%] within patient's viral population)d
BaselineTime of VFPosttreatment wk 24BaselineTime of VFPosttreatment wk 24
    18NBTNoneA156V (99.9)NANoneQ30R (98.5), L31M (99.6), H58D (97.4)NA
    212YRNoneNoneNoneY93N (46.2)Q30R (87.8), Y93N (99.7)Q30R (81.8), H58D (21.1), Y93N (99.8)
    18NRNoneNoneNoneL31M (99.4)L31M (99.9)L31M (99.8)
    28NRNoneNoneNoneL31M (99.7)L31M (99.9)L31M (99.9)
  • a All four patients belonged to the TE-PRS category (prior experience to peg-IFN plus RBV with or without sofosbuvir).

  • b Y, yes; N, no.

  • c BT, breakthrough; R, relapse.

  • d Variants at signature amino acid positions relative to subtype-specific reference sequences in NS3 and NS5A at a 15% detection threshold are listed. None, polymorphisms or substitutions at signature amino acid positions were not detected; NA, not available; VF, virologic failure.