Characteristics of A. baumannii clinical isolates used in this study and frequencies of resistance to sulbactam-ETX2514

Isolateβ-Lactamase genesaBroth MIC (μg/ml)bFrequency of resistance to SUL-ETX2514 (4× MIC)
ARC2058ADC-99-like (N379S), OXA-2592>6410.5<9.0 × 10−10
ARC2681ADC-52-like, TEM-1, OXA-24, OXA-13216>641647.6 × 10−10
ARC2782ADC-79, TEM-1, PER-1, OXA-23, OXA-6632640.532<9.0 × 10−10
ARC3488ADC-76, OXA-68, OXA-235-like16640.58<7.6 × 10−10
  • a Determined by whole-genome sequencing.

  • b SUL, sulbactam; SUL-ETX2514, sulbactam in the presence of ETX2514 at a fixed concentration of 4 μg/ml; MEM, meropenem.