Name, indication, and therapeutic concentration in plasma of different sulfa antibacterial drugsa

Name of sulfa antibacterial drugRoute of administration and indicationTherapeutic concn in plasmab
4,Amino phenyl sulfone (dapsone)Oral treatment for leprosy and Pneumocystis pneumonia0.63–1.66
SulfadiazineOral treatment of UTI19–40
SulfamethazinePotential treatment of Escherichia coli enteritis in veterinary medicine64.0–88.4
SulfamethoxazoleOral treatment for UTI and prostatitis15–65
SulfanilamideTopical treatment of vaginal yeast infectionsNA
SulfacetamideTopical treatment of acne and eye infectionsNA
SulfabenzamideTopical intravaginal antibacterial preparationNA
SulfadoxineOral treatment used in combination with pyrimethamine to treat or prevent malaria130–200
SulfanitranVeterinary use, as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosisNA
SulfamerazineIn some countries, this medicine may be approved only for veterinary use, for example, in control of acute fowl choleraNA
SulfamonomethoxineUsed in veterinary medicine for the treatment of toxoplasmosisNA
SulfadimethoxineOral treatment of respiratory, urinary tract, enteric, and soft tissue infections120–180
SuccinylsulfathiazoleTreatment of intestinal amebiasis5% of a dose is absorbed after oral dose
SulfathiazoleOral and topical antimicrobialNA
SulfaguanidineTreatment of bacillary dysentery15–40
SulfapyridineHelp in control of dermatitis herpetiformis (Duhring's disease)35–60
Sulfametopyrazine (sulfalene)Treatment of UTI and chronic bronchitis25–33
Sulfametoxydiazine (sulfameter)Long-acting sulfonamide antibacterial used as a leprostatic agent62–90
SulfisomidineTreatment of pertussisNA
Sulfisoxazole (sulfafurazole)Treatment of bladder infections, ear infections, or meningitis127–210
SulfamethoxypyridazineTreatment of vaginal irritation, severe acute thrush, and dermatitis herpetiformis, where it is an alternative therapy to dapsone110–180
  • a UTI, urinary tract infection; NA, not available.

  • b Values are in micrograms per milliliter unless otherwise indicated. Data are from reference 55.