Sources and characteristics for nine NDM-positive E. coli isolates

StrainSpecimenSourcebDate collectedMLSTblaNDM-5mcr-1Replicon type of plasmid harboring:Resistance patternd
P744APig 1Henan (A1)October 2015ST10+X3NoneChl, Nit
P744TaPig 1Henan (A1)October 2015ST1602++X3X4Chl, Cip, Nit
P748aPig 2Hunan (B)January 2016ST167+F36NoneGen, Chl, Cip, Nit
P768Pig 3Henan (A2)May 2016ST117+X3NoneGen, Chl, Cip
P768-11aPig 3Henan (A2)May 2016ST871++X3FIBCip
P785aPig 4Guangdong (C1)June 2016ST7512++X3ChromosomalcGen, Chl, Cip, Nit
P788APig 5Guangdong (C2)June 2016ST1286+X3NoneNit
P788A-32aPig 5Guangdong (C2)June 2016ST7510++X3YGen, Chl, Nit
P855aPig 6Guangdong (C3)February 2017ST7511+X3NoneGen, Chl, Cip, Nit
  • a The six isolates were investigated further by genome sequencing.

  • b Province (farm) origin of the pig.

  • c Chromosomal location of mcr-1 in the isolate was confirmed by genome sequencing.

  • d Resistance patterns for amikacin (Ak), chloramphenicol (Chl), ciprofloxacin (Cip), fosfomycin (Fos), gentamicin (Gen), and nitrofurantoin (Nit).