Point estimates and coefficients of variation of a basic model fitted to intravenous data from healthy volunteers and healthy volunteers/patientsa

ParameterPoint estimate (coefficient of variation [%])
CL (liters/h)23 (31)19.4 (47)
Vc (liters)52 (23)49.8 (25)
Q (liters/h)2.96 (41)2.97 (42)
Vp (liters)47.6 (57)48.7 (58)
  • a Shown are point estimates (coefficients of variation) of clearance (CL), central volume of distribution (Vc), peripheral volume of distribution (Vp), and intercompartmental clearance (Q) obtained when fitting a two-compartment model solely to data from healthy volunteers receiving intravenous infusions or from healthy volunteers and patients. A distinct change was observed for CL only, with a point estimate reduction and an increase in the coefficient of variation by >10%.