Eradication of pathogens from the urine specimens of patients with cUTI/pyelonephritis on day 3 of a phase II clinical study (mITT population)a

Pathogen type% eradication (no. of specimens with pathogen eradicated out of total no. of specimens)
All pathogens88.6 (117 out of 132)78.7 (48 out of 61)
ESBL producers91 (10 out of 11)0 (0 out of 3)
Ciprofloxacin resistant69.6 (16 out of 23)35.7 (5 out of 14)
Ciprofloxacin sensitive92.0 (92 out of 100)90.7 (39 out of 43)
Primed for FQ resistance94.1 (16 out of 17)80.0 (8 out of 10)
  • a The rates of eradication of pathogens from the urine of cUTI and pyelonephritis patients 3 days after the start of treatment in a phase II study were determined. FQ, fluoroquinolone.