Representative and final covariate structured population PK model for telavancin in obese and nonobese adult subjectsa

ModelVc (liters)CL (liters/h)Vp (liters)Q (liters/h)AICR2
One compartment12.9 ± 2.481.58 ± 0.247NANA2,4780.806
Two compartment6.70 ± 1.571.57 ± 0.2557.53 ± 1.757.24 ± 2.182,0120.882
Two compartmentb6.40 ± 1.101.57 ± 0.2527.20 ± 1.356.88 ± 1.181,9570.941
  • a Values are reported as means ± standard deviations. Abbreviations: Vc, volume of distribution in the central compartment; CL, total body clearance; Vp, volume of distribution in the peripheral compartment; Q, intercompartmental clearance; AIC, Akaike information criterion; R2, coefficient of determination for the observed versus population predicted values.

  • b Final covariate structured model for Vc, Vp, and Q as a linear function of adjusted body weight with values scaled to an 80-kg individual.