Verigene BC-GN analytic results by bug-drug combinationa

Institution and target organismnTarget drugResistance markerNo. (%) of resistant isolatesNo. of isolates identified by VerigeneSN (%)SP (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)
Detroit Medical Center
    E. coli384CeftriaxoneAny (CTX-M)b63 (16)5689999798
    K. pneumoniae140CeftriaxoneAny39 (28)3385999794
140ErtapenemKPC7 (5)68610010099
    K. oxytoca23CeftriaxoneAny (CTX-M)b2 (9)15010010095
    Proteus spp.57CeftriaxoneAny (CTX-M)b7 (12)45710010094
    Enterobacter spp.61CefepimeAny (CTX-M)b3 (5)13310010097
    Citrobacter spp.10CefepimeAny00100
    Acinetobacter spp.39MeropenemOXA10 (26)880938093
    Pseudomonas spp.51CefepimeAny6 (12)088
University of Maryland Medical Center
    E. coli105CeftriaxoneAny (CTX-M)b15 (14)149310010099
    K. pneumoniae57CeftriaxoneAny15 (26)128010010093
57ErtapenemKPC5 (9)5100100100100
    K. oxytoca9CeftriaxoneAny00100
    Proteus spp.11CeftriaxoneAny00100
    Enterobacter spp.34CefepimeAny (CTX-M)b3 (9)3100100100100
    Citrobacter spp.6CefepimeAny00100
    Acinetobacter spp.14MeropenemOXA5 (36)5100100100100
    Pseudomonas spp.43Piperacillin-tazobactamAny15 (35)065
  • a NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value; SN, sensitivity; SP, specificity. The cells for SN, SP, and PPV were left blank if either no resistance to the target drug was seen in study isolates or Verigene did not identify any resistance for the target drug.

  • b While the presence of any resistance marker was tested as a marker of ceftriaxone resistance in E. coli, K.oxytoca, and Proteus spp. or cefepime resistance in Enterobacter spp., only CTX-M was identified in this study for each of these species.