Neutralization IC50s for MAbs against IBV strains

IBV lineageIBV strainIC50 (mg/ml [95% CI])a
YamagataB/Florida/04/20068.2 (6.1–11.3)4.7 (2.9–8.0)9.7 (6.7–14.6)
VictoriaB/Malaysia/2506/20041.2 (0.2–6.6)1.1 (0.2–5.1)1.4 (0.4–5.1)
VictoriaB/Nevada/03/20111.7 (0.3–9.4)
Pre-Yamagata/Victoria lineage splitB/Taiwan/2/19621.5 (0.3–8.9)
Pre-Yamagata/Victoria lineage splitB/Great Lakes/195425.7 (7.0b)
  • a The 50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) values were determined from data obtained from the plaque formation assay performed on MDCK cells (34). CI, confidence interval.

  • b The upper limit of the 95% confidence interval for the TRL849 IC50 against B/Great Lakes/1954 is undefined due to insufficient data for concentrations above the IC50.