Final parameter estimates and variances from the population analysis, including uncertainty and shrinkagea

ParameterParameter descriptionFinal modelReduced model
Estimate% RSE (% SHR)Estimate% RSE (% SHR)
CL (liters/h)Elimination clearance3.0911
eCLCrb (ml/min)Estimated creatinine clearance0.04606.7
Vc (liters)Central distribution vol8.319.08.198.5
Q (liters/h)Intercompartmental clearance8.52319.3428
Vp (liters)Peripheral distribution vol6.99157.6715
fuFraction unbound in SCT0.7904.60.7824.2
    CLVariability in CL18.917 (0)33.617 (0)
    VcVariability in Vc25.125 (7)24.824 (11)
    QVariability in Q64.616 (6)72.823 (7)
    ERRProportional residual error19.97.2 (4)21.411 (4)
  • a Abbreviations: %CV, percent coefficient of variation; RSE, relative standard error; SCT, subcutaneous adipose tissue; SHR, shrinkage.

  • b eCLcr was determined using the Cockcroft-Gault formula.