Characterization of native human anti-HA IBV MAbs

MAb classificationMAbExpression in HEK293 cellsaHI activitybNeutralization in MDCK cellscPredicted binding site, modeGerm lined
IBV VictoriaIBV YamagataIBV VictoriaIBV YamagataHCLC
Low expressionTRL798NDfNDNDNDNDIGHV1-2*02IGKV1-6*01
HA head neutralizingTRL809++/−+++Head, neutgIGHV3-30-3*02IGKV4-1*01
TRL823+++++Head, neutIGHV3-43*02IGKV1-39*01
TRL832+++++Head, neutIGHV4-59*02IGLV3-1*01
TRL833+++++Head, neutIGHV4-31*03IGLV3-1*01
HA stalk nonneutralizingTRL784+Stalk, no neutIGHV1-69*12IGLV3-21*02
TRL799+Stalk, no neutIGHV1-2*02IGKV2D-28*01
TRL811+Stalk, no neutIGHV3-30*13IGKV1-17*01
TRL812++/−+/−+/−Stalk, no neutIGHV3-33*01IGKV3-15*01
TRL813++/−+/−Stalk, no neutIGHV3-73*01IGKV1-5*03
TRL835+Stalk, no neutIGHV5-51*01IGKV2D-28*01
TRL837++/−+Stalk, no neutIGHV1-69*12IGKV3-20*01
TRL841+Stalk, no neutIGHV3-30*18IGKV3-15*01
TRL842+Stalk, no neutIGHV3-30*18IGLV3-21*02
TRL846+Stalk, no neutIGHV3-23*04IGKV3-NL1*01
TRL856+NDStalk, no neutIGHV3-74*01IGLV3-21*02
HA stalk neutralizingTRL845+++Stalk, neutIGHV3-48*02IGKV1-9*01
TRL847+++Stalk, neutIGHV3-48*02IGKV1-9*01
TRL848+++Stalk, neutIGHV3-30*18IGLV3-21*02
TRL849+++Stalk, neutIGHV4-31*03IGKV3-15*01
TRL854+++Stalk, neutIGHV1-2*02IGKV2D-28*01
Previously published MAbse5A7+NDNDNDNDStalk, neutIGHV3-33*01IGLV1-47*02
CR8033NDNDNDNDNDHead, neutIGHV3-9*01IGKV3-20*01
CR8071NDNDNDNDNDHead, neutIGHV1-18*01IGLV1-47*01
CR9114+NDNDNDNDStalk, no neutIGHV1-69*06IGLV1-44*01
  • a Expression in HEK293 cells was classified as an expression level of >20 mg/liter (+) and an expression level of <20 mg/liter (−).

  • b Hemagglutination inhibition activities against strains B/Victoria/2/1987 and B/Yamagata/16/1988 at effective MAb concentrations of 1.5 μg/ml (+), 200 μg/ml (+/−), and >200 μg/ml (−).

  • c In vitro neut, in vitro neutralization IC50s against strains B/Victoria/2/1987 and B/Yamagata/16/1988 at MAb concentrations of ≤10 μg/ml (+) and >10 μg/ml (−).

  • d Germ line families for the heavy chain (HC) and light chain (LC) are listed using the IMGT nomenclature (

  • e MAb 5A7 is described in reference 28, and the CR MAbs are described in reference 14.

  • f ND, not determined.

  • g neut, neutralization.