Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidCharacteristic(s)Reference or source
B. cenocepacia strain
    K56-2Wild type, ET-12 lineage, CF isolateLab collection
    K56-2dxrK56-2 Prha::dxrThis study
    K56-2dxr + pDA-K56-2dxr vector control for complementation experimentsThis study
    K56-2dxr + pDAdxrK56-2dxr, complemented with constitutively expressed dxrThis study
    K56-2 + pSCrhaB2Wild type, transformed with a plasmid conveying Tmp resistanceThis study
E. coli strains
    DH5αFor propagation of replicative plasmids pDA- and pDA-dxrLab collection
    DH5α λpirλpir, for propagation of suicide plasmid pSC200 and its derivativesBiomedal
    HB101pRK2013; helper strain for triparental matingsLab collection
    pRK2013oricolE1, RK2 derivative, Kanr, mob+, tra+35
    pSC200pGpΩTp derivative, oriR6K, rhaR, rhaS, Prha, e-gfp, dhfr, Tmpr16
    pSC200dxrpSC200 carrying fragment of dxrThis study
    pDADerivative of pDAI-SceI, oripBBR1, Tetr, I-SceI gene removed and self-ligatedThis study
    pDA-dxrpDA carrying the dxr gene under a constitutive dhfr promoterThis study
    pSCrhaB2oripBBR1, rhaR, rhaS, PrhaB, Tmpr, mob+31