LR of AUCFU for each antibiotic alone (test) compared with the control (reference) and for each antibiotic combination (test) compared with each antibiotic alone (reference)

IsolateLog difference in AUCFUa
C-T/controlAMK/controlCST/controlC-T + AMK/C-T aloneC-T + AMK/AMK aloneC-T + CST/C-T aloneC-T + CST/CST alone
PSA C8-21−2.25−3.13−3.12−1.02−0.24−1.01−0.11
PSA C28-5−2.55−1.62−3.18−0.48−1.23−0.620.11
PSA C45-10−2.26−3.16−2.54−0.77−0.10−0.78−0.50
PSA C14-22−1.58−2.44−0.46−1.42−0.53−1.16−2.36
  • a The log difference is presented as the log ratio (LR), which is equal to the number of log10 CFU(test/reference). AUCFU, area under the curve for CFU; C-T, ceftolozane-tazobactam; AMK, amikacin; CST, colistin.