MICs of θ-defensins and clinical antifungalsa

Candida CDC strainMIC (μg/ml)CDC phenotype
C. glabrata 03146.253.1251.566.253.1251281RR
C. glabrata 03163.1253.1251.566.253.12582RSDD
C. parapsilosis 03353.1253.1253.125251.56161IR
C. parapsilosis 03373.1253.1251.56253.1251281SR
C. tropicalis 03453.1251.561.56251.56>2560.125SR
C. krusei 03973.1251.561.566.251.562561SR
C. auris 03846.256.253.125>253.125>256>8NANA
C. auris 03896.256.253.125>256.25>256>8NANA
  • a CLSI protocol was used to determine MICs for each θ-defensin, fluconazole (Fluco), and caspofungin (Caspo). CDC phenotypes (S, susceptible; R, resistant; I, intermediate; SDD, susceptible dose dependent) are listed, except where NA (not applicable) is shown, since no interpretation was provided by the agency for these strains.