In vitro azole susceptibility profile and polymorphism in cyp51A and its orthologs of six isolates included in the expression study

IsolateMIC fora:Mutation(s) in gene target:
NCCPF7614768160.125A205TM54T and S240A
NCCPF76148840.50.125A205TM54T and S240A
NCCPF7611574160.25A205TM54T, S240A, D254N, I285V, and Y319H
NCCPF7612670.50.120.06A205TM54T and S240A
NCCPF7606900.1250.060.03A205TM54T and S240A
ATCC 20430410.120.03A205TNAb
  • a VOR, voriconazole; ITR, itraconazole; and POS, posaconazole.

  • b NA, not applicable.