Clinically representative ELF concentrations and relevant PK/PD parameters for MEM (representative of 30% ELF penetration unless otherwise noted) and CIP used alone and combined against hypermutable P. aeruginosa CW44 in the dynamic hollow-fiber infection model

AntibioticaRegimenbAUC/MICCmax/MICCmin/MICT>MIC (%)AUC (mg · h/liter)Cmax (mg/liter)Cmin (mg/liter)
CIP400 mg q8h (1-h inf.)17614.733.42.80.530
MEM1 g q8h (3-h inf.)1150.1066957.56.00.0530
MEM2 g q8h (3-h inf.)230 (460c)0.21 (0.42c)80 (88c)115 (230c)12 (24c)0.105 (0.21c)
MEM3 g/day cont. inf.d1154.810057.52.42.40
  • a CIP, ciprofloxacin; MEM, meropenem.

  • b inf., infusion.

  • c Representative of 60% ELF penetration.

  • d Loading dose was used to achieve steady state.