Mean, median, and standard deviation estimates for parameter values for the effect of moxifloxacin on NRP-phase 18b

ParameteraMeanMedianStandard deviation
V (liters)359.4366.634.37
CL (liters/h)19.9620.010.7932
Kg-s (h−1)0.13100.16630.04998
Kg-r (h−1)0.12860.12680.01349
Kkill-s (h−1)1.7861.7280.2493
Kkill-r (h−1)0.92521.0980.6398
C50-s (mg/liter)12.1912.981.924
C50-r (mg/liter)12.8512.520.9446
POPMAX (CFU/ml)2.357 × 1081.492 × 1072.760 × 108
Knat-death-s (h−1)0.15120.18760.04798
Knat-death-r (h−1)0.15850.16560.01431
IC2 (CFU/ml)3.131 × 1063.024 × 1061.980 × 105
IC3 (CFU/ml)7.4316.0852.165
  • a V, volume of distribution; CL, clearance; s, susceptible subpopulation; r, resistant subpopulation; Kg, first-order growth rate constant; Kkill, first-order kill rate constant; C50, moxifloxacin concentration at which the kill rate is half-maximal; H, Hill constant; POPMAX, maximal bacterial concentration; Knat-death, first-order kill rate constant independent of moxifloxacin concentration; IC2, initial condition of total M. tuberculosis population; IC3, initial condition of resistant M. tuberculosis population.

  • b Unitless.