Characterization of LZD resistance mechanisms and correlation with generation times

IsolateLZD MIC
LZD resistance mechanismbMinimum generation
time (mean ± SD)
23S rRNA gene
(no. of mutated
rrl alleles/total no. of rrl alleles)
L3 protein
(rplC gene)
L4 protein
(rplD gene)
cfr gene
LimS0.75WTWTWT49.9 ± 0.7
LimR1>256G2576T (5/5)WTWT260.7 ± 38.5c
LimR38G2576T (3/5)WTWT54.9 ± 1.9c
LimR68G2576T (4/5)WTWT158.0 ± 11.4
LimR832G2576T (4/5)WTWT158.9 ± 16.4
LimR924G2576T (4/5)WTV142A65.5 ± 4.2c
LimR1216G2576T (4/5)WTWT67.8 ± 4.8c
  • a LZD resistance is defined by a MIC of >4 mg/liter by EUCAST and CLSI for S. aureus.

  • b Determined with WGS data. WT, wild type; —, absent.

  • c P ≤ 0.05, Student’s test in comparison with the results for the first isolate LimS.