Mean, median, and standard deviation estimates for parameter values for the effect of moxifloxacin on acid-phase H37Rv

ParameteraMeanMedianStandard deviation
V (liters)338.8351.322.44
CL (liter/h)19.6319.750.0506
Kg (h−1)0.03500.02040.0279
Kkill (h−1)0.6770.3010.430
C50 (mg/liter)4.874.970.237
POPMAX (CFU/ml)1.00 × 1071.04 × 1072.92 × 103
Knat-death (h−1)0.04390.03210.0225
IC2 (CFU/ml)3.00 × 1053.01 × 1054.68
  • a V, volume of distribution; CL, clearance; Kg, first-order growth rate constant; Kkill, first-order kill rate constant; C50, moxifloxacin concentration at which the kill rate is half-maximal; H, Hill constant; POPMAX, maximal bacterial concentration; Knat-death, first-order kill rate constant independent of moxifloxacin concentration; IC2, initial condition of M. tuberculosis concentration.

  • b Unitless.