Isolate characteristics, including fluconazole MIC values and percentage of included isolates designated trailing

IsolateMIC (mg/liter)aTrailing (%)
Range (n = 7)ModeGeometric meanMean (above the MIC)bSD
CT-WT10.25 to
CT-WT20.25 to
CT-TR10.25 to >160.50.45c34.611.9
CT-TR21 to >16>16NDd50.1b10.4
CT-R8 to 1616NDNDND
  • a Values are ranges, modes, and geometric means from seven repetitions.

  • b As isolates CT-TR-R and oftentimes CT-TR2 had MICs >16 mg/liter despite a flat growth curve, the percentage was calculated for all wells above the FLC susceptibility breakpoint of 2 mg/liter.

  • c Excluding one of seven isolates with a growth curve crossing the 50% inhibition line twice.

  • d ND, not determined.