Effect of NVR 3-778 against HBV and on cell viability using HepG2.2.15 cellsa

MarkerEC50 or CC50 (µM)
Intracellular encapsidated rcDNA0.340.0730.26–0.42
Secreted HBV DNA0.400.130.10–0.69
Intracellular encapsidated pgRNA0.440.0480.41–0.49
Secreted HBV RNA0.600.150.49–0.77
Cell viability14.55.710.0–26.8
  • a EC50 and 50% cytotoxic concentration (CC50) values are shown as the mean value and standard deviation from at least three independent studies. Intracellular encapsidated rcDNA and pgRNA were determined by branched DNA and QuantiGene assays, respectively. Cell viability was determined by measuring ATP levels by the CellTiter-Glo assay.