Noncompartmental pharmacokinetic analysis of DSM265 plasma concentration-time profilesa

Cmax (ng/ml)9,986 (7,813–14,504)
tmax (h)2 (1–24)
AUC0–∞ (ng·h/ml)1,807,590 (1,598,235–2,049,829)
AUC0–last (ng·h/ml)1,544,339 (1,354,506–1,854,997)
t1/2 (h)140 (106–164)
  • a The data represent the geometric mean (range) for all parameters except tmax, for which the data represent the median (range). Participants (n = 8) were treated with a single dose of DSM265 on day 7. The data included in the PK analysis encompass time points from the day of treatment until the day of second dose administration. Abbreviations: AUC0–last, the area under the concentration-time curve from 0 h up to the last time point measure; AUC0–∞, area under the concentration-time curve from 0 h extrapolated to infinity; t1/2, elimination half-life; Cmax, maximum plasma concentration; tmax, the time point when Cmax was reached; t1/2, elimination half-life.