Demographic and other characteristics of included patientsc

    No. male/no. female (%)35/11 (76/24)
    Age [yr; median (range)]64 (19–89)
    Weight [kg; median (range)]80 (50–114)
    No. with weight of ≤80 kg23
    No. with weight of >80 kg23
    BMI [kg/m²; median (range)]25.1 (16.0-43.5)
ICU, n
    Surgical and medical24
Primary diagnosis at admission to ICU, n
    Cardiac arrest3
    Cardiothoracic surgery8
    Pulmonary disease8
    Aortic surgery5
    Abdominal surgery or pancreatitis4
    Kidney transplantation1
    Hematological malignancies3
    Burn injury4
    Primary infection10
APACHE II score, n (range)19 (3–40)
Indication for treatment,a n (%)
    Candidemia3 (7)
    Abdominal candidiasis5 (11)
    Empirical37 (80)
    Prophylaxis1 (2)
Species, nb
    C. albicans27
    C. glabrata1
    C. parapsilosis3
    Yeast; not specified1
    C. albicans5
    C. glabrata4
    C. parapsilosis4
    C. tropicalis1
    C. lusitaniae1
    C. guilliermondii1
  • a Indication as stated in the medical record.

  • b Invasive isolates were C. albicans (5), C. glabrata (1), and C. parapsilosis (1).

  • c Six patients had negative cultures.