The need for molecular correction shown by a comparison of estimated drug failure rates obtained without correction versus with molecular correction performed according to the current WHO/MMV-recommended algorithma

Drugs testedbUncorrected vs corrected failure ratesCountry, yrReference
AR-LF54% vs 10%Burkina Faso, 201436
AS-AQ42% vs 10%Burkina Faso, 201436
AS-AQ17% vs 6%Congo, 201337
AR-LF22% vs 0%Tanzania, 201438
AR-LF13% vs 0%Benin, 201639
AR-LF9% vs 2%Mozambique, 201540
AR-LF2% vs 1%India, 201541
AR-LF16% vs 1%Congo, 201242
AS-AQ22% vs 5%Congo, 201242
  • a Failure rate was calculated as 1 − the 28-day adequate clinical and parasitological response reported in the study (from data collated and provided by Jörge Möhrle and Stephan Duparc).

  • b AR-LF, artemether plus lumefantrine; AS-AQ, artesunate plus amodiaquine.