Antitubercular activities and cytotoxicities of pyrimidinetrione amide analogues

  • a Compounds 1, 2, 9 to 11, and 13 are known molecules.

  • b MICs of compounds against M. tuberculosis H37Rv in Middlebrook 7H9-BSA containing glucose/glycerol/Tween 80 (7H9), GAS medium with Tween 80 (GAST), Middlebrook 7H9-BSA-tyloxapol-butyrate-0.1 mM nitrite, pH 6.0 (Butyrate), and a CorA-E212D mutant M. tuberculosis strain in Middlebrook 7H9-BSA containing glucose-glycerol-Tween 80 [7H9 (corA::E212D)].

  • c Cytotoxicities of compounds tested against HepG2 cells in DMEM-10% FBS supplemented with glucose or galactose.

  • d ND, not done.