Table 4.

Effect of culture conditions on MICs of E1210

OrganismMIC (μg/ml) under indicated culture conditiona
Inoculum size (cells/ml)MediumAddition of mouse serum (%)Addition of human serum (%)
5 × 1025 × 1035 × 104RPMI 1640RPMI 1640–2% glucoseSDBAM301030900103090
C. albicans IFM499710.0080.0080.0080.0080.0160.0160.0080.0080.
A. fumigatus IFM511260.
A. flavus IFM509150.0160.0160.030.0160.0160.060.0160.0160.250.510.0160.250.51
F. solani IFM509560.
R. oryzae IFO54420.250.520.5NTNTNT0.5NTNTNT0.5NTNTNT
  • a The results are the median MICs of E1210 from three independent experiments. For determining the effects of the test medium and the addition of serum, the inoculum sizes were 1 × 103 cells/ml for C. albicans and 1 × 104 cells/ml for the filamentous fungi. AM3, antibiotic medium 3; NT, not tested.