Table 2.

Wild-type (WT) MIC distributions of amphotericin B for six Aspergillus spp. from eight laboratories, obtained using CLSI M38-A2 and EUCAST microdilution methods

SpeciesNo. of isolates tested by CLSI/EUCAST methoda
TotalWith MIC (μg/ml) of:
A. fumigatus3,988/83313/056/5323/73600/447b1,389b/2451,382/53214/79/12/10/10/0
A. flavus793/1947/03/08/163/11141/72363b/76b187/2719/62/10/00/0
A. nidulans184/690/01/02/19/523/2268b/21b70/129/42/10/10/2
A. niger673/1402/043/538/55122/71b252b/9194/012/00/00/00/00/0
A. terreus545/2660/00/03/010/3521/37109/104b297b/8684/2220/91/40/1
A. versicolor135/221/01/04/13/213/276b/9b26/310/11/00/00/0
  • a Number of isolates tested by the CLSI and EUCAST broth microdilution methods (8, 30), including CLSI aggregated data from eight laboratories and EUCAST data from a single laboratory.

  • b MIC most frequently obtained by each broth microdilution method.