Table 3.

ECVs for amphotericin B and six Aspergillus spp., obtained using CLSI M38-A2 and/EUCAST broth microdilution methods at 48 h

SpeciesNo. of isolates tested by CLSI/EUCAST methodaMIC (μg/ml):Calculated statistical ECV (μg/ml)d
A. fumigatus3,988/8330.032–160.5/0.25/0.52/0.5/2e2/1/24/1/4
A. flavus793/1940.032–81/1/12/2/24/2/44/2/4
A. nidulans184/690.06–321/1/14/2/44/4/44/4/8
A. niger673/1400.03–20.5/0.25/0.52/0.5/2e2/0.5/24/0.5/4
A. terreus545/2660.12–322/1/24/4/44/4/48/4/8
A. versicolor135/220.032–81/1/12/2/22/4/22/4/4
  • a CLSI aggregated data from eight laboratories and EUCAST data from a single laboratory.

  • b Combined CLSI and EUCAST data.

  • c MIC most frequently obtained using CLSI/EUCAST/combined CLSI and EUCAST data.

  • d Calculated ECVs comprising ≥95, ≥97.5, or ≥99% of the statistically modeled population, obtained using CLSI/EUCAST/combined CLSI and EUCAST data.

  • e The ECV defined using the “eyeball” method, which included at least 95% of the observed (rather than the modeled) overall distribution, was 1 μg/ml.