MICs of arylomycin C16 and vancomycin for coagulase-negative staphylococcus strains, identified to species level, obtained from the London Health Services Centre

SpeciesNo. of isolatesMIC (μg/ml) of:
Arylomycin C16Vancomycin
S. epidermidis1430.510.12-4221-2
S. lugdunensis100.250.250.03-32222
S. hominis170.250.50.06-0.5241-4
S. haemolyticus10221-2222-4
S. simulans122>642->64121-2
S. caprae108164-16221-2
S. cohnii278164-16221-2
S. capitis2416324-64221-2
S. warneri1964>642->64441-4
S. saprophyticus10>64>64>64121-2
S. xylosusa4
S. aureusa>64b
  • a Reference strains S. xylosus ATCC 29971 and S. aureus NCTC 8325 are included for comparison.

  • b From reference 24.