Drug susceptibilities of various mutants derived from strains PAO1Bes and CMC

StrainGenotypeMIC (μg/ml)a
PAO1BesWild type2411640.25211
CMCWild type2411640.25211
PAOW1PAO1Bes agrW1 mutant1632464161211
PAOW2PAO1Bes agrW2 mutant832264811642
CMCW2CMC agrW2 mutant4823280.51642
CMZ091PΑΟ1 ΔmexZ81623281211
CM090PΑΟ1 ΔPA54702411640.25211
CM093PΑΟ1 ΔPA5471≤0.1220.5440.12211
CM095PΑΟ1 ΔparS2411640.25210.5
CM096PAO1 ΔparRS2411640.25210.5
CM099PΑΟ1 ΔpmrAB2411640.25210.5
CMZ089PΑΟW2 ΔmexZ832264811642
CM092PΑΟW2 ΔPA5470832264811642
CM094PΑΟW2 ΔPA5471832264811642
CM097PΑΟW2 ΔparS2411640.25210.5
CM098PΑΟW2 ΔparRS2411640.25210.5
CM100PΑΟW2 ΔpmrAB832264811641
CM106CM096 with parRS from PAOW24813280.51641
CM107CM096 with parRS from CMCW24813280.51621
  • a MICs in bold (or underlined) indicate that the bacteria were at least 2-fold more (or less) resistant than the reference strain PAO1Bes. The data are representative of four distinct experiments. Abbreviations: GEN, gentamicin; AMK, amikacin; TOB, tobramycin; APR, apramycin; FEP, cefepime; CIP, ciprofloxacin; IMP, imipenem; MEM, meropenem; and CST, colistin.