Summary of CF patients with pulmonary infection due to LRSA isolates and treated with LZD from 2000 to 2006a

CharacteristicPatient 1 (strain NA)Patient 2 (strain M36)Patient 3 (strain I32)Patient 4 (strain NA)Patient 5b (strain M41)Patient 6b (strain M94)Patient 7 (strain M86)Patient 8 (strain NA)
Age (yr)c3 (F)7 (M)14 (F)33 (M)10 (M)11 (F)13 (M)14 (F)
Mo/yr of first dose of LZD12/20027/200012/200112/20009/20002/200112/20027/2000
Mo/yr when last LSSA isolate detected before occurrence of LRSA3/20031/2004Never4/20052/200411/20037/20054/2005
Mo/yr when first LRSA isolate detected10/20047/200412/20046/20052/200512/200512/20068/2006
Time between first dose of LZD and first LRSA isolate detected (mo)2248355453584873
No. of days of LZD use per yr/no. of treatments (dose, time)d
    20000/032/1 (9 mg/kg, q12h)0/010/1e (600 mg, q12h)35/2 (4 mg/kg, q12h)0/00/014/1 (600 mg, q12h)
    20010/0121/7 (10 mg/kg, q12h)1/1 (600 mg, q12h)120/0e (600 mg, q12h)70/4 (4 mg/kg, q12h)63/4 (4 mg/kg, q12h)0/033/2 (600 mg, q12h)
    200223/1 (9 mg/kg, q12h)165/11 (11 mg/kg, q12h)176/17 (600 mg, q12h)40/0e (600 mg, q12h)70/2 (10 mg/kg, q12h)0/015/1 (600 mg, q12h)69/3 (600 mg, q12h)
    2003365/0 (9 mg/kg, q12h)224/4 (9 mg/kg, q12h)211/20 (600 mg, q12h)0/0185/2 (10 mg/kg, q12h)21/1 (600 mg, q12h)28/2 (600 mg, q12h)144/5 (600 mg, q12h)
    2004309/1 (9 mg/kg, q12h)44/4 (9 mg/kg, q12h)116/8 (600 mg, q12h)100/2 (600 mg, q12h)117/5 (7 mg/kg, q12h)99/2 (600 mg, q12h)32/2 (600 mg, q12h)14/1 (600 mg, q12h)
    200553/1 (10 mg/kg, q12h)56/2 (600 mg, q12h)0/028/2 (600 mg, q12h)114/5 (9 mg/kg, q12h)195/4 (600 mg, q12h)89/3 (600 mg, q12h)29/1 (600 mg, q12h)
    2006268/1 (9 mg/kg, q12h)71/2 (600 mg, q12h)0/00/077/3 (600 mg, q12h)0/0199/7 (600 mg, q12h)127/3 (600 mg, q12h)
Anti-Staphylococcus therapy given after first LRSA-positive cultureTMP-SXT, DOX, VANTMP-SXT, DOX, VANMEM, CLINTMP-SXT, CAZ, VANTMP-SXT, DOXTMP-SXT, DOXNoneNone
OutcomefAliveAliveDeceased in 2006Lung transplant in 2006AliveAliveAliveLung transplant in 2006
  • a NA, not available for molecular characterization; TMP-SXT, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole; DOX, doxycycline; VAN, vancomycin; CLIN, clindamycin; MEM, meropenem; CAZ, ceftazidime; M, male; F, female; q12h, every 12 h.

  • b Patients 5 and 6 are siblings.

  • c Age at the midpoint of the year 2000. The patient sex is given in parentheses.

  • d For years with treatment days but zero treatments, the course was continued from the previous year. All linezolid treatments were administered orally. If more than one treatment regimen was used, then the average dose for the year is given.

  • e Dosed the first 10 days of each month from December 2000 to April 2002.

  • f On 31 December 2006.