Impacts of MRSA and MSSA BSI on hospital mortalitya

Type of analysisNHR for effect measure (CI)Effect measure and potential confounders in model
MRSA vs controls
    Univariate6954.5 (3.2-6.3)BSI with MRSA
    Multivariate5663.5 (2.4-5.2)BSI with MRSA, no. of indwelling devices, Charlson Comorbidity Index, central venous catheter, urinary catheter, frequent hospital contact, diabetes
MSSA vs controls
    Univariate1,7873.8 (2.9-5.0)BSI with MSSA
    Multivariate1,7653.1 (2.3-4.2)BSI with MSSA, intubation, central venous catheter, urinary catheter, no. of indwelling devices
MRSA cohort vs MSSA cohort, comparison of multivariate effect estimates1.1 (0.7-1.8)Methicillin resistance of S. aureus BSI
  • a Univariate and multivariate Fine and Gray proportional hazards regression and comparison of multivariate effect estimates from both cohorts.