Impacts of MRSA and MSSA BSI on length of stay after enrollmenta

Type of analysisNRatio of median length of stay for effect measure (CI)Extra length of stay in days for effect measure (CI)Effect measure and potential confounders
MRSA vs controls
    Univariate6691.6 (1.4-2.0)9.6 (5.7-13.8)BSI with MRSA
    Multivariate5581.6 (1.3-2.0)9.2 (5.2-13.5)BSI with MRSA, emergency admission, peripheral vascular access, frequent hospital contact, transfer from another institution, diabetes with end organ damage
MSSA vs controls
    Univariate17411.7 (1.5-1.9)8.4 (6.6-10.3)BSI with MSSA
    Multivariate17211.6 (1.5-1.8)8.6 (6.8-10.4)BSI with MSSA, no. of indwelling devices
MRSA cohort vs MSSA cohort, comparison of multivariate effect estimates1.0 (0.8-1.3)0.6 (−3.7-5.3)Methicillin resistance of S. aureus BSI
  • a Univariate and multivariate analysis (generalized linear model with gamma distribution and loglink function) and comparison of the multivariate effect estimates from both cohorts.