Table 2.

Involvement of RpoH in the induction of the heat shock response under heat shock and lethal tobramycin conditions

Conditions comparedFold change in gene expression (SD)
WT with TOB vs WT9.0 (±0.2)6.0 (±0.5)1.5 (±0.4)
rpoH with TOB vs rpoH0.9 (±0.3)0.9 (±0.3)
WT with TOB vs rpoH with Tb11.7 (±0.5)9 (±5)
WT heat shock vs WT10 (±2)9.0 (±0.9)2.6 (±0.4)
rpoH heat shock vs rpoH1.3 (±0.2)1.0 (±0.2)
WT heat shock vs rpoH heat shock11 (±4)12 (±3)