Table 3.

Baseline clinical information on KPC-positive E. coli, K. pneumoniae K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, and A. baumannii isolates

OrganismTotal no. of KPC-positive isolatesNo. of isolates from patients of following gender:No. of isolates from following hospital unit:No. of isolates from following anatomical site:
FaMbNRcICUGeneral wardNRRTd,hUTe,hSSTfBloodMisc.gNR
E. coli612635013444923121070
K. pneumoniae33316216741082121390935749422
P. aeruginosa99465032871035221810131
A. baumannii4118221182211647851
  • a F, female.

  • b M, male.

  • c NR, not reported.

  • d RT, respiratory tract.

  • e UT, urinary tract.

  • f SST, skin and soft tissue.

  • g Misc., miscellaneous.

  • h P ≤ 0.05.