Table 3.

Putative mobile element translocation sites detected by computational analysis and results of confirmation

StrainApprox reference positionaOverlapping annotationConfirmation resultbAmino acid change
B1739313EF1797, conserved hypothetical proteinIS256insertion in EF1797 coding regionV16insIS256
A671048EF0716, conserved hypothetical protein9-bp (TTCTGGGAA) duplicationW148_F150dup
C671036EF0716, conserved hypothetical protein9-bp (TTCTGGGAA) deletionW148_F150del
C2391641EF2470, HD domain protein4-bp (ATTG) duplicationW82X
  • a Location of putative translocation sites in resequencing assemblies identified by computational analysis.

  • b Confirmed mobile element translocation shown in boldface; other confirmed mutations shown in lightface.