Table 4.

Summary of amino acid changes in E. faecalis V583 DAP strains

ORFGeneAnnotated protein functionAmino acid changea
EF0631Putative cardiolipin synthaseN77_Q79delR218QR218Q
EF1797Hypothetical proteinD30fsV16insIS256G130_F154del
EF0716Hypothetical proteinW148_F150dupW148_F150del
EF0782rpoNAlternative σ factor σ54T99R
EF1753Hypothetical proteinI390fsI390fs
EF2470HD domain-containing protein(I117S)W82X
EF2698Putative tellurite resistance protein TelAI277F
  • a Daptomycin MICs for DAP-A, DAP-B, and DAP-C were 256, 256, and 512 μg/ml, respectively.