Table 6.

Predicted Cls amino acid changes in daptomycin-resistant clinical isolates

E. faecalis strainDescriptionDaptomycin MIC (μg/ml)EF0631/EFTG_00614 amino acid change
Clinical strainsa
    OHMC-239ES27 February 2005 blood isolate8
    NYU-529ES19 January 2006 blood isolate8
    ESJH-1310ES10 July 2008 coccyx wound isolate8
    ACL-1781ES12 March 2009 urine isolate8
    SFOK-980ES7 November 2007 blood isolate8R267S
    MCA-1970ES12 June 2009 body fluid isolate32N77_Q79del
Sequential strains from patient 1b
    CMC-041EM28 April 2004 blood isolate4
    CMC-087EM30 May 2004 blood isolate>32V37A
    CMC-088EM1 June 2004 blood isolate>32V37A
Sequential isolates from patient 2c
    UTHS-218EM10 September 2004 urine isolate4
    UTHS-219EM6 October 2004 blood isolate32R218Q
  • a E. faecalis V583 EF0631 was used as the reference sequence for E. faecalis clinical isolates.

  • b Clonality of isolates confirmed by Ramos et al. (56).

  • c Clonality of isolates confirmed by Lewis et al. (37).