Table 7.

Genetic changes observed in enterococci in this studya

Mutation typeMutationbORFStrain(s)Commentb
TransitionG→AEF0631 clsDAP-B, DAP-C, E. faecium UTHS-219EM
EFTG_00614 cls
T→CEFTG_00614 clsE. faecium CMC-087EM, E. faecium CMC-088EM
TransversionC→AEF0631 clsE. faecalis SFOK-980ES
C→GEF0782 rpoNDAP-A
Deletion (del)1-bp delEF0631E. faecalis T21 A residue in homopolymeric tract (A8) deleted
1-bp delEF1753DAP-B, DAP-C1 A residue in homopolymeric tract (A7) deleted
1-bp delEF1797DAP-CG residue is deleted in sequence CAAAGAT
9-bp delEF0631 clsDAP-A, E. faecalis MCA-1970ES1 of 2 tandem 9-bp repeats deleted
9-bp delEF0716DAP-C
75-bp delEF1797DAP-B
Duplication (dup)9-bp dupEF0716DAP-ASame 9-bp sequence is deleted in DAP-C
4-bp dupEF2470DAP-C
Mobile element translocationIS insertionEF1797DAP-BIS256 insertion
  • a Only nonsynonymous mutations are shown for E. faecalis clinical isolates.

  • b Nucleotide residues shown relative to gene sequence.