Table 1.

Strains, plasmids, and phage used in this study

Strain, plasmid, or phageReference or sourceDescription
    8325-446NCTC8325 cured of three prophages
    RN422035Restriction mutant of 8325-4
    RN639049Laboratory strain (derivative of 8325-4) that maintains its hemolytic activity on sheep erythrocyte agar
    LUG85537RN6390 phiSLT
    LUG856This workRN6390 agr::tetM (47) phiSLT
    LUG1160This workRN6390 rot::cat
    LUG1162This workLUG1160 phiSLT
    LUG1677This workLUG1162 carrying pLUG895
    LUG1053This workRN6390 (12) phiSLT
    LUG1063This workALC488 (RN6390 sarA::ermC) (12) phiSLT
    LUG1619This workALC488 complemented with one sarA copy (41), with phiSLT
    LUG1436This workISP479C (38) phiSLT
    LUG1437This workISP479C-29 saeRS::kan (26) phiSLT
    LUG1477This workLUG855 carrying pLUG792
    LUG1485This workLUG855 carrying pLUG795
    HT2001073423ST1; agr3 mecA+ pvl+
    HT2002048823ST80; agr3 mecA+ pvl+
    HT2003020323ST8; agr1 mecA+ pvl+
    HT2004101023ST80; agr3 mecA+ pvl+
    LAC USA30064ST8; agr1 mecA+ pvl+
    pC19433High-copy-number plasmid harboring cat gene
    pMad1Thermosensitive origin of replication, constitutively expressed galB gene
    pLUG641This workpMad derivative for deletion/replacement of S. aureus rot gene
    pLUG792This workDerivative of pCN37 (11) carrying pbpA2567-2303 Cd-inducible antisense RNA and pvl terminator
    pLUG795This workDerivative of pCN37 (11) carrying pvl terminator
    pLUG895This workDerivative of pTCvlac (53) lacking lacZ and ermB and carrying a 1.26-kb fragment carrying rot
    phiSLT45pvl-containing phage isolated from strain A980470